Splendor in the Glass

Arturo Ciompi's blog on wine


  • Do you collect wine, or are you making plans to go from occasional purchasing to serious investment?  Let me help you with storage options, organization, purchasing advice, and collecting as an investment.  And lest you forget what you have in your cellar, I can also assess your collection and come up with a plan so that no wine is drunk before–or after!–its time.
  • If you want to enter the world of wine auctions, as either buyer or seller, I can guide you through the thicket of choices.  Don’t get ripped off when looking to dispose of, or add to, a valued wine collection.
  • Restauranteurs, your customers expect to find a wine list that complements your restaurant’s cuisine.  As an independent expert, I can advise you on creating the perfect wine list for your restaurant without prejudice, and also help with the most-important task of training wait staff properly on the dos and donts of helping diners pick the best wines for their menus and their budgets.  This can be a one-time or ongoing process.
  • Life brings changes: death, divorce, taxes.  If you, or someone you know, is a wine collector, these events can cause an extra layer of concern.  I have decades of experience and objectivity in inventory and valuation of “liquid assets”.
  • There are wine tastings, and then there are ARTURO wine tastings!  I have run dozens of tastings for corporate events, fund raisers, holiday galas, and private gatherings, making sure that crowds from 6-200 have great fun along with a little education.  These events can also move scores of cases of wine to maximize your profits and, of course, as a professional performer I’m at my best in front of a crowd!  (Listen to a few of my radio spots to hear my golden voice!)
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